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[摘要] 能源物联网(IoT)是智慧能源互联网(EoI)改革的重要支撑技术之一,低功耗广域网(LPWA)物联网技术在智慧能源互联网领域将起到关键作用。能源电力领域小数据众多,包含用户侧数据、电力系统边沿数据和智慧能源新技术及新业务数据等。这些数据包含电气量和非电气量,必要依据LPWA技术特点界定其适用范围,全新结构业务需求和模型。同时,物联网安详必要从终端接入、数据传输和平台安详片面思考。智慧能源互联网的市场化、高效化和清洁化开展创新了众多新的能源业务场景,对能源物联网的需求将会非常显著。

[关键词] LPWA;LoRa;中国LoRa应用联盟(CLAA);小数据;EoI;能源物联网

[Abstract]Energy Internet of things (IoT) is one of the important supporting technologies for the intelligent energy of Internet (EoI), and the low power wide area (LPWA) technology will play a key role in intelligent EoI. There are many small data in the energy and power industry fields, including user-side data, power system edge data and data of new technology and new business of intelligent energy. These data include electrical and non-electrical quantities, which could be acquisited according to the technical characteristics of the LPWA, and new business requirements and models could be planned. For the IoT security, terminal access, data transmission and platform security need to be fully considered. Marketization, high efficiency and cleaning development of EoI are creating numerous new energy business scenarios, and the demands for energy IoT will be very significant.

[Keywords] LPWA; LoRa; China LoRa application alliance (CLAA); small data; energy Internet of things


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